Think Big
Buy Small

In partnership with small business owners, and aspiring small business owners,  Shefford Capital Partners acquires well established, profitable small businesses.

Make Acquisitions

With a scalable platform, a quality management team, and a team capable of identifying and assimilating accretive acquisitions, Shefford's strategies will create value across business cycles and investing climates.

Drive Value

Value drivers in our strategy include building a stronger company by expanding footprint, product mix, and management team, as well as the opportunity for decreased cost of capital and delivering synergies, which can lead to a consistently growing multiple.

Expand the multiple

Although multiple expansion can never be taken for granted, it is the icing on the cake for the small company and its investors that can take a solid 3x-4x return into the stratosphere of 6x-10x and higher.

Selling Your Business?


For small business owners interested in selling their business a partnership with Shefford could bring a significantly higher purchase price for their businesses, and for those willing to stick around a few years, the returns could be life changing.

"Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to ARBITRAGE and you will feed him forever."

Warren Buffett

Buying a Business?


For small business owners, and aspiring small business owners, a partnership with Shefford will allow them to expand their search process and analyze, negotiate, finance and close even the most nuanced transactions.

Arbitrage Primer

Don't buy, or sell, a business until you have read this.

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