PARTNERING WITH SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, and aspiring business owners, Shefford provides the capital, and the know-how, to enable the successful execution of mergers & acquisitions strategies.

If a business strategy calls for growth, new market entry, or repositioning in the value chain, M&A can be the fastest means of achievement.

A partnership with Shefford includes developing, capitalizing, and executing strategies that guide better use of mergers & acquisitions, better performance and greater value creation.



IF YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER interested in buying a competitor or recapitalizing your business and “taking some chips off the table;” or an aspiring small business owner interested in acquiring your first business, putting the right capital structure in place is not easy. A partner like Shefford can craft an appropriate capital structure and arrange the necessary components to finance such strategies, and since we are putting our own capital into the transactions behind these capital structures, you can have the utmost confidence that our interests are aligned with yours.

A company’s capital sources, its “war chest,” are critical to executing an M&A strategy; it is much better to have access to the necessary capital before the acquisition opportunity presents itself so the company can act quickly and avoid squandering precious time, and money, trying to secure capital after the fact.

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