IN RECENT YEARS, business decision makers responsible for their company’s success have found that a merger or an acquisition can be one of the most important keys to creating value.

No matter the size of the business, the overall strategy should take into account the benefits of employing mergers and acquisitions; the results from which, when executed properly, can extend beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

The success of an M&A strategy depends on understanding and taking control of many complex issues. With expert professional assistance, and capital, the path can be clearly defined; having a partner like Shefford, with insight and experience in each stage of the process will help companies navigate the path successfully.


While investing primarily in small businesses, valued under $20M, Shefford takes a flexible approach that is not anchored to any single geography, industry or transaction structure. Rather, we selectively direct capital to the most attractive investment prospects, united by a common focus on situations where our investment can facilitate a value-creating transformation of a business.

In general, the industries in which we invest are positioned to be consolidated. Once a consolidating industry is identified, we move quickly and decisively in locating an industry partner and analyzing and assessing potential investments.


Although far from formulaic, Shefford’s transactions share some basic features – once we make an investment, we work closely with management over the long term to build the business – making it more productive, more competitive, and more profitable. We do this by streamlining operations, investing in future growth, and growing the top and bottom lines for the benefit of all stakeholders; including employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which our businesses operate.

We work closely with our partners in developing an acquisition strategy that fits their strategic vision and we stay deeply involved through the integration stage, providing substantial resources over an average investment period of four years. We approach our investments as industrialists – seeking to invest in companies that create a strong business franchise, attractive growth prospects, leading market positions, and superior returns.

With Shefford as your partner, you also have access to deep resources. In our experience, these contributions are more valuable than our capital, and they can be the difference between just plodding along and realizing the full potential of the company.

Taken together, it is the experience, creativity, and resources that Shefford brings to bear on all aspects of its activities that sets the firm apart – from transaction origination to investment and financing, to the oversight and stewardship of our partnerships, and finally, the formulation and execution of strategies for realizing the value created. We are proud or our capabilities in each of these areas.

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